Temperature Check - LiqwidDAO Constitution v1

Organizational Purpose and Mission Statement:
LiqwidDAO’s core purpose is to build the tools & products that deliver value to both users of the Liqwid protocol and developers building on top of it. Coordinating to innovate on the existing DeFi model and bring more traditional finance and corporate governance products on-chain using Plutus smart contracts as coded agreements accessible by anyone with a Cardano wallet. We feel strongly that decentralized finance primitives represent a level playing field in terms of access to on-chain liquidity and as a result are themselves public goods that must be freely accessible to everyone around the world, always. If traditional financial services were as accessible, transparent, and auditable as on-chain financial services we could all benefit from life in a more equitable world. Consumer and institutional lending and borrowing products could be greatly enhanced by the composability and automation blockchain and smart contract technologies offers.

Our Mission Statement (may be updated via governance): LiqwidDAO is organized as a global cooperative to build DeFi and governance products that validate financial contract parameters and human coordination rules with code as opposed to trust. We seek to introduce novel deterministic tools with open participation and sustainable growth models that don’t rely on trusted parties on a cooperative and nonprofit basis.

Feedback and questions on any part of the Constitution are welcomed!

Should the LiqwidDAO Constitution v1 be enacted by the Liqwid community?

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The Constitution looks great. Question I have, what is the requirements of the voting threshold to rev the Constitution? 1/2, 2/3rd’s majority?

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This should answer your question:


All the votes are performed using the Agora module only, where every LQ tokens is accounted for 1 vote.

Quorum to create a vote are 1% of the circulating supply, and decisions are taken at majority (at least 50.01%) of participants in the vote and a statutory quorum of at least 10% of total token supply.

Circulating supply is determined as the “Amount of LQ tokens issued, minus the amount of LQ tokens held by the Treasury). The treasury is not voting.

Once a vote is initiated, LQ holders have 5 days to vote."

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Oh yea, I totally missed that, doing my homework catching up now. Thanks!


Section 9.3 - Amendment. This Constitution may be amended by presenting the redlined version of the amendments at a meeting of Members and adopted by a vote or merge request as prescribed in the Handbook. No adoption will be formal until a proposal is passed by a vote of LQ Governance Token Holders in the Designated Smart Contract. A supermajority (75%) vote with two weeks of public notice is required to update this constitution.

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Thanks for this clarification, we will update this section before submitting the formal proposal to the community for a vote.