Register ADA Market Stake for Catalyst Fund11

This temp check aims to begin the community discussion for registering the ADA market staking key for Catalyst Fund11 voting. The Liqwid DAO has discussed in Discord governance channels the process required to form a subDAO team focused on curating a structured plan for evaluating proposals across categories and selecting Catalyst proposals to vote for in future Catalyst funding rounds. With Fund11 proposal submission officially underway the time for registering the ADA market stake to participate in voting is close.

Following a similar method to the Minswap Catalyst working group a team of Liqwid DAO community members will be formed to analyze and decide on specific proposals to support in a transparent and auditable process. This all begins with registering the staking key.

Participating in Catalyst allows ADA depositors in Liqwid to support proposals while continuing to earn supply yield and allows the Liqwid DAO to become a more active participant in Cardano’s onchain governance process. 100% of voting rewards earned from voting in Fund11 and future funding rounds will be deposited into the ADA market (similar to how the full staking rewards amount are current deposited into the ADA market). As the second largest liquidity protocol on Cardano it’s important the DAO begins to take a more active stance in participating in Cardano governance process. This begins with Catalyst and extends to all CIP-1694/post-Voltaire governance processes.

Do you support this proposal to register the ADA market stake for Catalyst Fund11?

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Don’t see why this shouldn’t receive 100% support. No point in the Liqwid community not being able to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in Cardano’s governance. Depending on the qualifications I’d definitely like to apply for a position on the subDAO and help review proposals. There has historically been a significant number of applicants trying to game the system for funding. I’d like to be a positive force behind helping steer Liqwid’s voting power toward projects that are contributing developer tooling and critical infrastructure to the ecosystem; applicants with significant contributions/reliable track records, and proposals that can help push Liqwid and Cardano defi as a whole toward more mainstream adoption.


an easy yes for me also

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