Proposal for consideration before July about staking reward

It is a response to Florian in another thread that I have considered more appropriate to separate in another thread here"

"The only thing I would need to turn the page is an explanation so I can understand why on July 1st you cannot maintain a % reward distinction between the LQ that has been staked for 0/6/12 months if a maximum monthly rewards is established dynamic totals that decrease if the price of LQ does not increase. Why not? What is the explanation for reducing the promised rewards by x10 and also not being able to establish minimum discrimination that minimizes losses for the people who have trusted you the most?

Why not distinguish 0/6/12 month staking antiques if we can limit the total emissions to 20,000 LQ per month and reduce them to 10,000 if the price falls below a certain value and even reduce them to 5,000 as long as it does not reach a certain value that does not jeopardize the LQ value with respect to the ADA? I think it is better for Liqwid and better for all those who bet the most on the LQ token

Think wisely. You still have time

They are indicative figures

LQ <1$ ----------- 5.000 LQ staking x month
1$<LQ<2$ ----- 10.000 LQ staking x month
2$<LQ<3$ ----- 15.000 LQ staking x month
3$<LQ<4$ ----- 20.000 LQ staking x month
4$<LQ<5$ ----- 25.000 LQ staking x month
LQ>5$ ----------- 30.000 LQ staking x month

X1/X6/X10 if 0/6/12 months of staking

The amount of LQ received each week of staking would be the lowest price reached during the corresponding week according to Coingecko, for example.

You would have solved the problem of the LQ ADA price"