Proposal 00.3 - Ratify Temperature Checks

This proposal is a vote to enact the initial two temperature checks as approved proposals. These temperature checks include: 1. LiqwidDAO Constitution v1 and 2. Creation of the Swiss-based LiqwidDAO Association.

Both temperature checks passed with majority of voters FOR these actions. Both proposals are core to the DAO’s formation and are part of building a strong ecosystem foundation. The community feedback and voting results points to these being relatively low debate temperature checks from the perspective of most community members.

If this were to ever change in the future it’s important to remember the DAO constitution can be updated via Agora vote and the founding members of the LiqwidDAO Association serve fixed term periods (must be re-elected via Agora on-chain proposal and can also be replaced by the DAO members voting in new leadership).

Ratify Temperature Checks?

  • Yes
  • No

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