Maximum SPO Margin Fee to Receive ADA Delegation

Strategy 1, 2 and 4 outlined in the ADA market delegation strategy proposal rely on active voting or random selection of SPOs.

As part of this process SPOs are filtered out based on a common set of criteria the Liqwid community/Cardano SPO community widely agree on:

  1. Pools must integrate with Pooltool (GitHub - papacarp/ A public repo to keep track of issues and feature requests in pooltool) to monitor pool performance and 2. Pools must reduce their minPoolCost parameter from 340 ADA to 170 ADA following the upcoming PCP-01 mainnet update on October 27 at 21:44:51 UTC.

The last criteria is a ceiling on a pool’s Margin Fee. As their is not broad consensus for this criteria it requires a parallel vote to select the maximum Margin Fee amount allowed by pools.

Option 1: 1% Margin Fee or less
Option 2: 2% Margin Fee or less
Option 3: 3% Margin Fee or less
Option 4: 4% Margin Fee or less
Option 5: 5% Margin Fee or less
Option 6: 5%-10% Margin Fee

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