LQ Tokenomics Update & Discord Airdrop

Opening a thread to discuss all community feedback related to the core dev teams decision to update LQ tokenomics and plan to deploy the DAO Treasury on mainnet ahead of other protocol components.


It is a good idea to have community involvement at the same time as distribution starts within the borrowing and lending mechanisms. Do you have a schedule of the expected distributions via borrowing / lending and liquidity pools per each year incling the halvenings, so as to be able to compare the scale of relative governance power that will be extant? How will the initial lists of assets in which liquidity may be established be determined and will there be the ability to restrict these retrospectively or only for future asset decisions?


When can we expect the “code” (2.“code” ADA) via email? <3

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this discord only airdrop is not very fair , i follow liqwid from the start , but i’m not a discord user (discord is a hell to use on phone) why can’t i participate in the airdrop ?

i’m not crying just saying ! i know you had to makes choices but this is not very fair , more to that you stated that the only way to have you token is to provide liquidity on the pool , no ispo , no airdrop …


Look forward to your updated LQ tokenomics proposal DC.

Am sure you are doing this but need to think carefully how best to attract liquidity that doesn’t just enable borrowing of illiquid assets for short sellers or unscrupulous market maker / dark pool / bucket shop operators to smash in thin markets.

Stablecoin borrowing against more liquid assets like ADA, wrapped BTC, wrapped ETH etc may make more sense to start with and provide a smoother and steadier take-off.

Might also be wise to get more liquidity into LQ markets themselves early on as well. You’ll know a feature of well functioning markets in trad fi is several committed market makers who each have their own incentives for a new issue to go well and for there to be reliable depth. If LQ just races away on little volume there is a danger especially after what happened with Sundae that Cardano defi will look too thin and risky for players with capital to deploy to get involved. This may be helped in my view if quite a decent amount of LQ supply is front-loaded even if the tail of emissions is longer. And it might make sense to do more of what you have already done with emissions to the committed community so that governance can’t be co-opted by big liquidity players for the above purpose.

I get that efficient bootstrapping is of interest early on, but for prime time and longevity that can be a true alternative to trad fi, steady deep liquidity is required. The long game is the one to play for here rather than a short term ramp that risks excluding and annoying people.

Is it the case that the dev team’s allocation only vests over time and that only vested LQ can be staked / entitled to share of protocol revenue and participate in governance? I would also say it could look a bit odd to people if dev emission is over a shorter period than the general one or if the team allocation ends up being unfairly lucrative in terms of early protocol revenue share, so that is also something to watch out for and set a good example on.

sorry if this is teaching grandmother to suck eggs.