List Snek Already, TY

Can we have it? So much missed volume.
If borrow caps, supply limits, and etc etc are in place. Then create the market for it already! Please. :pray:


Checking Minswap for most volume it looks like SNEK and FLDT could be added due to volume. Not sure if people will actually supply or borrow these coins. They could be great to borrow towards the end of the bull run as one would expect them to lose the most amount of value in the bear market.

When we check the Market State on Liqwid it seems that the highest borrows are from stablecoins, users aren’t interested in borrowing non stable coin assets at the moment, the Liqwid team should focus on growing supply and borrow for these assets with highest market utilisation. You can check them here Liqwid App

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If you want to use dex volume as a metric…

Its better to look at our competitors and see their top tokens.

Snek dominates their TVL for B/L and we are missing out on it.


Seems reasonable to add SNEK as an asset into Liqwid.

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can you remind me please what are snek fundamentals? and its token utility? any whitepaper?
the project you invest in defines your degree of maturity. if the community falls for memecoins instead of other promising stuff does it means it is a responsible act or does it means the financial market hasnt reached the necessary degree of maturity needed to change the world? what will snek bring to liqwid that no other asset could bring?

are memecoins what cryptocurrency was engineered for at the beginning? or are they the expression of a degree of immaturity deeply linked with greed in the crypto markets?
which values should we promote by accepting one asset or another?

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please provide me an answer that raise the debate to the next level and change my mind by the way

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Do you want SNEK on Liqwid? :snake:

  • Yes
  • No

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I really would not want to see 50% of Liqwid TVL in SNEK as we see on Lenfi so I personally dont feel we are missing out.

In part because the p2p protocols you refer to and Liqwid are very different machines, all risk is assumed by the individual lender in p2p(of which most are filled by the snek team afaik). In Liqwid all suppliers share risk so if SNEK makes it to Liqwid, id be in favour of some heavy supply caps.


Bring it in, but keep the LTV minimum as it’s a S coin😅

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@OctaFunk you will be pleased to see Snek market proposal is passing strongly:

The Snek market parameters are in line with other CNTs supported on Liqwid (AGIX, MIN, WMT, ERG) and according to the CNT risk framework for borrow and supply caps.

We look forward to working closely with the Snek team to help educate more Cardano DeFi users about Liqwid.