Liqwid Community Calls

Hello fellow Aquaculturists,

We would like to begin holding bi-weekly community calls as a way for our team to share recent development updates, discuss governance ideas, answer questions and in general to directly engage with our community members.

The community calls will be held every other Wednesday at 6:00 pm UTC starting next week (11/24/2021)

The purpose of this post is a vote to determine the platform the community prefers to host the community call on:

  • Discord Voice Channels
  • Twitter Spaces

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Discord is better, but Twitter Spaces will be more inclusive and give better stage to the project.
Twitter Spaces is also getting recording capabilities that was missing until now.


I agree with this generally, I also saw a Cardano over Coffee recorded Twitter Spaces this morning so that may have made its way into production now.


Thanks to everyone who participated in this 1st Community Call and from Discord user balbowsky’s point we will try to focus on DAO community roles/responsibilities in the next community call.

Lastly we did not have record capabilities (it seems the feature is still in beta) but Spaces is a nice opportunity to reach the wider Cardano community. I will reach out to Mada and see if we can get beta access to this for our next Spaces.