Increasing Yield Boosting Percentage for Aquafarmers NFTs

The Aquafarmers NFT is a unique and valuable asset that is currently being used to boost the staking percentage of liquid tokens within the Liqwid protocol. However, we believe that there is an opportunity to enhance the boost percentages offered by different types of Aquafarmers NFTs to further benefit the entire protocol and its community.

We propose a significant increase in the yield boosting percentages for Aquafarmers NFTs as follows:
Common NFT: from 2% to 4%
Rare NFT: from 3% to 6%
Super Rare NFT: from 4% to 8%
Legendary NFT: from 5% to 10%

By implementing these increased boost percentages, we aim to achieve several compelling outcomes that will significantly impact the Liqwid protocol and its branding:

Strengthening the Liqwid ecosystem: The Aquafarmers NFTs are closely tied to the Liqwid protocol, serving as its mascot and representation. When the Aquafarmers NFTs are highly valued and respected, it sends a powerful message to the Cardano community that something special is happening with Liqwid. This, in turn, fosters greater engagement and participation within the ecosystem.

Enhancing Liqwid’s branding: The Aquafarmers NFTs are not just collectibles; they play a vital role in shaping the perception of the Liqwid protocol. By increasing the value and desirability of the Aquafarmers NFTs, we elevate Liqwid’s brand image and establish it as a leading force within the blockchain industry. This branding effect extends beyond the NFTs themselves, positively influencing the perception of the protocol as a whole.

Attracting wider adoption and investment: A successful and highly valued collection of Aquafarmers NFTs will captivate the attention of the blockchain community. The rarity and prestige associated with these NFTs will create a sense of exclusivity and desirability, attracting individuals who want to be part of something special. This increased interest will drive greater engagement with the Liqwid protocol and attract new users, resulting in increased liquidity and investment.

Fueling community participation: By offering more rewarding and diverse experiences based on the rarity of the Aquafarmers NFTs, we incentivize greater community involvement. Users will be motivated to acquire and utilize these NFTs, leading to increased activity and participation within the Liqwid ecosystem.

Dismissing misconceptions and FUD: Increasing the value and utility of the Aquafarmers NFTs helps dispel any negative perceptions or misconceptions about the Liqwid protocol. It showcases the strength and potential of the project, creating a narrative that resonates positively within the blockchain community and dismisses any unfounded fears.

In conclusion, by significantly increasing the yield boosting percentages for Aquafarmers NFTs, we unlock tremendous potential for the Liqwid protocol. The elevated value and desirability of these NFTs will amplify Liqwid’s brand, attract wider adoption and investment, foster community participation, and dismiss any unwarranted concerns. We urge the community to support this proposal, as it benefits both the AF holders and the overall success and recognition of the Liqwid protocol. Let’s embrace the power of Aquafarmers NFTs and propel Liqwid to new heights of success.

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Really well put together proposal, thanks for the effort. This very modest AF boost increase has my support. Will vote YES.


we have previously had a proposal which this appears to have replaced, i have voted in support of this increase.

AF’s need a boost of energy to be relevant again after the recent FUD Liqwid has endured.

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I fully support this proposal.

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Most importantly with the current staking apy reqards given on liqwid, Aquafarmers need a raise in their apy boost to be viable as an asset of worth in the Liqwid ecosystem. This proposal brings value back to the farmers.

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I do not think that increasing the staking boost of the Aquafarmer is increasing the primary Liqwid ecosystem, which is measured through its TVL.

Aquafarmers are mascots and were designed as such. Additionally, they have utility , but the boost should not be detrimental to the LQ holders without having an Aquafarmer.

Such a proposal is profiting to the holders of the Aquafarmers, which are really concentrated in the hands of a few whales, and who want to take profit from such vote’s outcome.

Doubling down the boost rate is way too much compared to the LQ staking rates without Aquafarmers. This proposal is against the principle of equality of treatment for the LQ stakers.

I recommend to vote against it.

Your judgment is faulty. The price of LQ has dropped significantly and NFTs have become useless. It was more profitable to buy more LQs than NFTs. The value of the bonus must have varied with supply and demand, not making it worthless or overvalued. Imagine if Aquafarmers held on to the top NFTs collections: how many new users, brand awareness, additional source of income.

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