Increase the minimum voting period

Increase the minimum voting period for proposals to 5 days and for important protocol level changes, it should be increased to 6-10 days. Emergency votes can have shorter voting periods. The submitter should be able to select from a couple of preset options or a range of voting periods for their proposal, provided that the agora smart contracts support it. If not, this can be implemented in a future version.

Here are some reasons why the two-day voting system can be inconvenient:

Limited time availability: Many users may have busy schedules and may not be able to participate in the voting process during the two-day window. This could lead to a lower voter turnout and may not truly represent the will of the community.

Timezone differences: Liqwid DAO has a global user base, and the two-day voting window may not be convenient for all users, especially those in different time zones. This could lead to a skewed outcome of the voting results.

Rushed decision-making: The two-day voting window may not be enough time for users to fully understand the proposed changes or decisions being made. This could lead to rushed decision-making and potentially harmful outcomes.


I support increasing voting period, as per DAO constitution this should have been set at 5 days from launch.

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