Increase the Active Voting Phase from 2 to 7 Days

Following community feedback from previous governance proposals our core team is proposing:

  1. An increase to the active voting phase from 2 to 7 days.
  2. Before the 7 day active vote begins a mandatory minimum of a 3 day notice that proposal is soon to be submitted on-chain for active voting.

Every Liqwid DAO governance proposal begins as a temp check in this governance forum and the team has in the past made a best effort attempt to always announce ahead of time when a proposal will be ending the temp check phase (consensus building/edit phase, non-binding) and beginning its active voting phase on-chain (binding outcome). As part of this temp check and proposal there will be a mandatory 3 day notice announced on Discord and Twitter at the end of each temp check phase notifying users of an on-chain vote that will begin in a minimum of 3 days from that announcement. The core team will also make a best effort to ensure the notification period/buffer is longer than 3 days.

In total this means Liqwid DAO voters will have ten days to:
a. review proposals and decide their stance on the vote starting with the minimum 3 day notification period and
b. a 7 day period to submit their vote on-chain or delegate their voting power to a Liqwid community member voting on their behalf.

As part of this temp check proposal community members would also like to see a standardized pre-proposal process before votes are sent onchain. The following has been proposed by @itzDanny

These are to help boost confidence in the Liqwid governance process and to have set guidance align for future proposal questions to be directed to. The pre-onchain vote governance process proposed is as follows:

  • 75% pass vote on the governance forum required to move to onchain.
  • community input/comments has more weight than the vote, regardless of whether that its in favor of a vote or not.
  • There is no strict time limit the proposal must be live in the forum but as most proposals average multiple weeks on the forum before onchain voting commences a minimum of 1 week to get sufficient community feedback and response seems reasonable.

Do you support this proposal to introduce a minimum 3 day notification period at the end of the temp check phase followed by an increase in the active voting phase from 2 to 7 days?

  • Yes
  • No

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this is an easy yes vote!


Quick joke-y message. When this proposal goes up for vote, how long is it gonna stay? 2 days or 7 days?

ok ok I stop

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