Governance Participation

Liqwid currently has 56.3k Twitter followers &12,230 Discord server members but only 334 governance users registered. Of the 334 users only 161 have voted on the current proposal. I believe this number is too low, though directly addressing it could do more harm than good. Say we campaign hard for voting participation rather than organic growth, we could end up with a lot of bozos in here. Perhaps just pinning to all channels in the discord would be a great start, spread more awareness amongst the discord users first before the masses. I only bring this up for the good of the community. We need a more diverse voter representation before too many proposals come along. As a founding member of the ADA café I could get Liqwid governance plugged on most of the big Cardano Twitter spaces but I just don’t know if that’s right for the community.

There’s 334 of us currently, everyone get one Liqwid friend involved & we’ll be doubled in no time :clap::+1:


I agree, a link on the website would also be great.



Hello. Thank you for bringing this up. I agree with you and @kion. Here are a couple of proposals for placements on the website and discord.


Yea I had to struggle to find this. Link on Twitter or website would definitely be appreciated!


Thank you for your response, it would be fantastic to have the link posted at your 2 recommendations. At the very least, just on the main website. I believe this is something the team should heavily consider, what say you @Dewayne ?


Been w/ LQ Discord since last summer. Just saw the LQ gov site to join today on lq-tokenomics in Discord so I agree that the site needs more publicity before too many gov proposals are voted on


@Anthony_Cardano Another potential idea is to leverage a Discord integration with the governance forum website to show which members registered and voted.

I was first introduced to this when I signed up on the Indigo Protocol’s governance forum website and associated my Discord account. Once integration was completed and I done other activities like voting, tags appeared under my “Roles” section in Discord.

Discord:Forum Integration


Update: The first proposal finished with 201 votes, there are currently 398 registered users. I’d like to see 1,000 users by the second vote to make sure the community is properly represented before too many decisions are made. @MiniQ I also am familiar with Indigo’s setup & while I agree with you, the forum & discord integration would be nice, let’s take things one step at a time & focus on getting more users registered & participating on this forum alone first. Placing the link in both locations you’ve previously suggested (main website & discord) was a great start. I implore the team to please consider this @jaycidiq @Dewayne @FlorianVolery @pira


I will add it to the Greek community too, which many of them lacks awareness about the forum here and what’s happening.

Seems that protocol needs people to participate in any discussion and proposal. For sure not so easy to make people engage with the forum discussions, but sharing knowledge about the protocol and how Voting and Governance will play major role to the evolution of the project, I guess is the most important for the moment and until the project be launched.

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Yes, some update will be performed. I relayed your proposals to DC.