Enact LQ Yield Farming for Sundae LQ/ADA Pool

Hey Aquafarmers & DAO members. Sundae just launched their V2 YF program where sundae holders (by using their tokens) dictate which pools receives 444,000 daily Sundae tokens (emissions can be altered every 90 days via vote). The pools are sorted by how much SUNDAE delegation is received, from most to least, and then pools are selected one by one until a total of more than 20% of delegation has been selected, or a maximum of 10 pools.
So if top 5 pools have 5%, they’ll pick four of them. Projects can use the same mechanism for their own token YF program too. This is a decentralized way of controlling which pools get sundae and Liqwid can use the same mech for LQ distribution to LPs to increase liquidity.

So in essence there could be 3x streams in the sundae program. Fees+LQ+Sundae. I am drafting a temp discussion to gauge community interest. There are 840,000 LQ reserved for LPs distribution.

Do you want to launch Liqwid’s Yield Farming Program on Sundae?
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Please also refer to DC temp check post on Sundaes Governance Forum: Proposal 003: Add LQ liquidity incentives to the LQ/ADA pool - Proposals - SundaeSwap Governance

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couple questions;

1.as a liqwid only holder what would be the benefit to supplying LQ/ADA to sundae if this passed?
2.since we’d require sundae holders to support LQ pool with delegation, what incentives them to do so?

and one last one, is the 444,000 sundae the fixed emission or not? while ive used it at times i havent followed sundae closely for a while :pray:


Hey man!
So if the LQ/ADA pool starts getting LQ from liqwid’s YF program that will automatically attract sundae users. Mind you, we dont need sundae holders to vote for our pool to get LQ that is up to us LQ holders. But once sundae users see LQ/ADA pool getting LQ then theyll use their sundae delegation to vote for the LQ/ADA pool to also get sundae at the same time. LQ is the only premier lending/borrowing protocol aside from Lenfi and they will have only 21 million LQ which makes it scarce. The emission is fixed at 444,000 sundae daily BUT sundae holders have the ability to alter emissions via governance vote every 90 days. You can look at the sundae YF program proposal for reference: Yield Farming v2 Temperature Check - Temperature Check - SundaeSwap Governance


Let me know if you have any more questions fam!

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LQ yield farming on Sundae with their new delegation model to earn Sundae as well as LQ while increasing liquidity is a no brainer, great idea!