$dust Airdrop Poll

In principle, $dust airdrop should 100% be given to Ada holder-suppliers and not be diluted by Ada borrower suppliers.

  • Yes
  • No

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What exactly is meany by not be diluted by Ada borrower suppliers? The protocol cannot pause ADA borrows though we can adjust parameters around the time of the DUST airdrop snapshot to make it more expensive to borrow ADA targeted at penalizing DUST airdrop hunters.

Has IOG released any official information on the timing of the DUST airdrop yet? If the snapshot has already been taken Liqwid does not need to take any action. Action only needs to be taken if the date is in the future.

Borrower suppliers are those who borrow Ada and redeposit it as supply in order to farm. It happens with Stables currently, making them more expensive to borrow and diluting the rewards to those who supply Stables out of pocket. Its just a bit of degen robbery :wink:

Regarding the information about the airdrop, this poll is agnostic. Just asking the question on principle.