DJED Kink Point Update


This proposal aims to fully align all stablecoin markets with equal parameters. Following the last stablecoin market update all stablecoins now have the exact same interest rate curve parameters (e.g. baseRate, utilMultiplier, utilMultiplierjump) and excluding DJED all also have the same kinkPoint of 65%. DJED is currently set to a 75% kinkPoint. Having equal kink points across all stablecoins creates an equal market dynamic across all stablecoins.

Future stablecoin markets will also have 65% kinkPoint and equal interest rate curve parameters to all current stablecoin markets. This allows maximum optionality and flexibility for stablecoin lenders and borrowers on Liqwid.

Do you support this proposal to update the DJED kinkPoint from 75% to 65%?

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  • No

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As a DJED supplier, Iā€™m all in for this :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Makes sense to level the playing field and should help reduce risk. :+1:

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