Distribution of Catalyst Fund11 Voting Rewards

This proposal is to decide how Catalyst Fund11 voting rewards should be distributed. The initial Liqwid DAO proposal for vote on top 50 proposals Liqwid supported in Fund 11:

A group of ~10 Liqwid community members who reviewed the final set of 1k+ Fund11 proposals and did the work of distilling this down to 50 will each receive 200 ADA. Future subDAO budget votes should be included in the subDAO formation vote that establishes the subDAO’s mission, goals and establishes its roles and responsibilities.

Liqwid DAO received ~30k ADA for voting in Fund 11: Transaction 8ad79ab31131c32aaa0c99e6dabc03f32f8f9ff7723a1c1cf400b7ee112f122e - Cardanoscan.

No specific distribution route has been specified by the community during the subDAOs analysis process or following the Liqwid DAO vote on the top 50 proposals. Similar to all other revenue streams the community has multiple distribution ratio options to decide between.

Of importance is the growth in the ADA market since the Catalyst Fund 11 snapshot:

~73M in ADA deposits currently
~55M in ADA deposits at time of Fund11 snapshot

Distribution Options

  1. 100% of voting rewards to ADA lenders
  2. 100% of voting rewards to Liqwid DAO treasury
  3. 100% of voting rewards to LQ stakers
  4. 50% of voting rewards to ADA lenders, 50% to Liqwid DAO
  5. 50% of voting rewards to ADA lenders, 50% to LQ stakers
  6. 50% 50% to Liqwid DAO, 50% to LQ stakers
  7. 33% each

Which ratio do you support for distribution of Catalyst Fund11 voting rewards?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
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Hesitated between 2, 6 and 7.
I would tend to gravitate towards #6 (or even #2) because:

  • Even if all the rewards are distributed to Ada suppliers (#1), it’s a drop in the ocean. #4,5 and 7 provide even less.
  • It benefits the current suppliers, which are not necessarily the same ones from the time of the snapshot.

This not add much separately. Give to Ada market looks fair but it isn’t really… Give to LQ staker sounds good but is shot that fades away. I prefer give to DAO and it can be used for POL or other permanent revenue streams development.


I have voted for Point 6, 50/50 split between LQ stakers and Liqwid DAO(with the intention the DAO’s portion would be used as part of farming/LPing initatives to grow POL)

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I would love to see polls with multiple options, giving the voter 2-3 votes. That way, we can vote with 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice.

#1 Yes, for me. I support the original intent to reward the ADA Lenders, that made this revenue possible.

Second choice: #5
Third Choice #7

I strongly support this.