Automatic Staking to Agora

There will be a daily distribution at some point.
With rising TVL and increased number of users the rewards will be highly diluted to a fraction of LQ token per day for a lot of Pkhs.

What if there was an option on app where each user would be able to choose and sign with his wallet how much (% and frequency ) to re-direct straightaway to Agora stake pool should s/he want to.
Claiming could be as it is now automatic by default.

The advantage would be that fractionalised LQ tokens that will be sitting unclaimed could be instead staked in Agora earning basic APR and safeguarding protocol.
It would also simplify staking process for long term LQ token holders.
Also offload some devs/human workforce from Team dealing with the app issue reports.
For the end users wanting to stake it would save mostly time and hassle with wallets.
The response from Pi from Sundaeswap was that such feature is possible to build but would require a higher service fee to cover the cost.

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Since the rewards distribution is currently handled by SundaeSwap Labs, I thought I’d chime in here.

From our side, this is completely technically feasible; With help from Liqwid to understand the transaction format for the Agora staking contracts, we could definitely add this feature.

There are also a few others I can think of that may be worth their own temperature checks, such as providing the option to directly “Zap” the rewards into SundaeSwap.

Either of these represent a decent (but not massive) amount of engineering effort, so the biggest question is how that work would be paid for. If there’s significant interest from the community, I’ll go back to the team and develop a detailed quote for the work.


if we go down the route of implementing a zap directly into sundae there should be a discount on any fee charged @quantumplation :wink:

I guess we’ll be best seeing how community respond and go from there, i feel most of the conversations about any gov topics happen in discord and get lost in the sea of messages.

interesting to see how this pan out

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I agree.

I guess right now this feature is not the most important but it’s something that will be very usefull as the distribution progresses.

In terms of funding I see number of options or combination of them.

  1. contracted and paid by DAO as a lump sum
  2. ask for funding from Catalyst fund by DAO
  3. higher fee as part of the fee in each transaction using the button would go back to the builder
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Bumping this and wholly back getting this prioritized on the list of upgrades to be implemented. It will make the UX for staking so much easier.

Unfortunately this isn’t feasible currently, it’d require large smart contract additions and effort.