Exceptional Governance

With a DAO first approach to implementing governance, Liqwid has always prioritized community feedback in the decision making process. It’s now the responsibility of the collective Liqwid ecosystem to form consensus on the governance systems, processes, and standards that will drive the protocol to long-term sustainable growth.

From the start of development our core team has dedicated resources to building community-led structures with a laser-like focus on the steps required to complete a smooth transition of protocol governance into the Liqwid ecosystem’s hands at v1 launch. This process began in our Discord and is now progressing into this more formal community-led Discourse. Similar to the community standards developed in the early days of Discord it’s now up to the entire community to define the governance processes and standards that will propel Liqwid into the future long-term. Core to these standards must be a focus on guaranteeing the protocol is robust financial infrastructure for developers, and a set of deterministic liquidity markets for users.

Recently I spoke on my voting decision support framework as an individual LQ token-holder. Exceptional governance begins with active community members quantifying net value add and a well-informed set of Liqwid voters backing talented proposal teams at scale. The Liqwid ecosystem can conform to, augment, refine, or ignore any of this as you see fit. This is a living document that will be updated by including community feedback. Community commentary is welcomed .

Idea Discussion

Liqwid proposals should all start with idea discussion, community feedback, and due diligence. A single forum post in the Idea Discussion section is a good way to organize initial dialogue on a new idea or concept.

In this early governance phase the proposal team’s future success hinges on ensuring they include accurate data points and detailed information on the net value add of their upcoming proposal. Proposal teams should incorporate a complete set of relevant data points and analysis into their discussion/documentation. Requesting community commentary is always encouraged and extra kudos to proposal teams who use the forum to pose insightful questions. Commenting you agree or disagree with a new idea is good, articulating why you agree/disagree is great, supporting your position with accurate and compelling information is exceptional. It’s up to every Liqwid community member to aim for exceptional. Discuss the entire range of feasible options with objectivity and tolerance.

The diversity in the Liqwid ecosystem is our strength; have patience receiving varied feedback on your ideas and remember that most commentary is coming from unbiased community members whose incentives are aligned with the best interest of the protocol.


Your ideas about voluntary KYC/AML pathways for compliance with regulatory environments as mentioned on your recent Twitter Spaces discussion were interesting, and very sensible especially to enable interfaces with traditional finance. If protocol particpants take part in governance via LQ how do you anticipate that will affect the way they seek to comply with emergent regulation for exmaple consistent with the updated FATF guidance ? In that respect this recent legal analysis is worth considering, and worth considering how it means the emergent legisaltion might more usefully be shaped in a way that promotes investor protection and financial stability without unduly restricting creativity, innovation and personal freedom. https://www.kwm.com/en/hk/knowledge/downloads/fatf-2021-virtual-assets-guidance-20211117


Worth also accelerating the work I understand is under way on Atala Prism or other DIDs for authentication and or recording of bona fide status / necessary personal infomation of participants, to enable personal information in respect of transactions to be utilised / available in appropriate ways without doxing or other negative data privacy implications (using zero knowledge proofs etc).

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Any thoughts on a Liqwid Finance YouTube channel for content on blockchain education, or for educating the community on the protocol and its improvement over time. I have learned much from the Near ecosystem whiteboard videos and Radix’s YouTube content. The point being there is a void for Cardano education outside the IOHK and EMURGO YouTube channels, especially for defi protocols on a native ecosystem. Also, any thoughts on one-day buying out a lot of land in the PAVIA metaverse (or one similar) for Liqwid team and dev meetups in the digital space. Would be a great digital location for worldwide interaction with DAO community members. All of this is something which I discussed in the gov-discussion thread on Liqwid’s public discord.


^^^ Watch out for scammers selling or trading OTC Aquafarmer NFT’s folks, if you buy OTC ONLY use a trustless NFT trading platform (similar to sudoswap yet for ERC-20 NFT’s), idk if Cardano has a version of the same yet (ADA’s version of sudoswap).

Also, many wallets (people) have way more than three AF NFT’s but I’m sure the team and devs know of this already or themselves have more than 3 Aquafarmers. Not judging, just theirs no identity-based system to verify if one person has 5, 10… etc separate wallets to hijack a NFT lottery to get super rares and legendary’s

Hey @unclesamuel yes a Liqwid YouTube channel is being formed to showcase the protocol and help educate Cardano users on DeFi.

It’s up to community members submitting successful proposals to fully scope out the what/how/when wrt metaverse integrations. We have spoken to the Metadams team about having Aquafarmers included in their metaverse and I am sure the community will come forward with ideas/proposals for others.


Awesome sauce, considering the bear market has taken a lot of newbies and grifters out of crypto, marketing and content creation is essential to bring in liquidity from other chains I.E. eth, bsc, etc. hoping ADA will have secure bridges by 2023

If the LQ team needs any help w/ social media marketing, let me know or dm me on discord. The only problem I have with crypto marketing is the click bait. Most average folks looking at crypto that I talk to believe crypto/blockchain has zero utility in the real world. Most see it as overhyped JPEGs, rug pulls and ponzi schemes. Fortunately staking, borrowing, lending currency serves many of those without access to banking and financial services to raise capital for starting a business, buying a home, car, etc etc